About Me

Man, I really hate this section. About Me…what about me? Does anyone really care or even read this part? What does one say about self? Self…I say self.

I mean really, does it matter if I am single, married or divorced (and happily so). I like living my way and that normally doesn’t fall in line with a man’s way of living. That is just as much for their benefit as it is mine. 🙂 That most of the time I prefer the company of my fur baby, and 2 grand fur babies.

Yup, I also got them two-legged kid types. Three of them; that gave me gray hair and add to that three grandkids that are making it worse. I will have to buy stock in hair dye but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Should I really tell anyone that I have a B.S. in Business Information Systems but basically I am a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None and that is one of the things that led me to be krazy. I just might have a dream of running my own business doing all kinds of stuff because I get krazy bored with just one thing. That is why I have started Sympliq Designs. It will house all of my creative efforts.

Said business might include crafts, instructional materials, technical writing, building websites, sewing, scrapbooking, digital art, possibly even writing an eBook. People like that are generally called wishy-washy…oops I mean Multipotentialites or Scanners. Yikes! With all that wish-wash it sure makes it hard to decide on a business path that does not drive a person even krazier.

I might even have a few hobbies; a little bit of that dreaded Facebook, movies, reading (particularly self-help and those oh I wish my romances were like those type books – bring on the lairds and pirates). If you have read all this and are laughing then I am glad you are here. I really do hate these about me sections and I know that it wasn’t a professional about me but this is me, the owner of Sympliq Designs. You gotta love me. 🙂