Business not getting done lately_ Mine either.

Business not getting done lately? Mine either.

I made it here. It has been 3-4 weeks since my last blog post but let me tell you why.


I had none!! I won’t say I haven’t gotten anything done because that would be a lie but just not with my business.

What I did do

The WordPress theme that I had was Nucleare and it was the free one. I had been looking around at many themes the past few months to buy. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it at this point. Nucleare suited my needs just fine for the most but it didn’t have a header and you couldn’t change the font except through CSS. Not good with CSS I’m not.

So it was time to upgrade. I did look at another free one that was very customizable called Make. I installed it and just couldn’t get it to do what I thought I needed or wanted. It would probably be a very good theme for someone that knows a little about WordPress and customizing.

Searching for Themes

I basically was looking for something plug and play ready, for the most part. I looked around and a Creative Market looking at themes around $25. That was the most I was willing to pay at this point. Found a few I liked but they were either over my price or had too much info on the first page.

I don’t have services or good images, anything like that to fill a spot on my home page so that left them out. I found another few I liked but they were so basic you couldn’t change the font color and I already had my brand figured out. The font was negotiable but the colors I definitely wanted to stick with.

So I went back to Nucleare and looked at the Pro version. It would let me change colors and font. I liked the theme well enough to go ahead and break the bank and get it at $31.

Looks Good

Installed it like a charm. I did have to resize my blog photos to make it look neat and clean but I had been wanting to do that anyway. It did have a drawback. You could only choose a certain amount of fonts and I didn’t like any of them but I picked two that looked halfway decent.

Would I recommend the theme, certainly, just don’t have your heart set on a certain font choice unless you know CSS.

It took me a few days to get this done with my motivation issue but I activated it before the site was complete so I had to get it done in a hurry.

Next project I worked on

A planner. Yep, that’s right a DIY planner.

I purchased the Arc discbound system from Amazon. Some 1-inch and 1.5-inch discs and I was ready to begin.

Discbound System

I would have liked to get Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner but I was afraid it would be too small to write in and I wouldn’t like the pages so it would be a waste of money. In hindsight, I will buy one to test it out next time. Maybe 2019.

I have added a lot of people to my Instagram account that are planner addicts. I love to see their stickers and spreads they complete. Not sure if I will go the sticker route as I like to cross things off my planner when done and it wouldn’t look good in archive mode.

But I digress.

I wound up making all of my calendar planners. I used excel 2013 to create the pages in. It was fast and easy. I had looked at some that I took portions from and created what I thought would work for me. One con is my dimensions will be off if I plan to use stickers but I do still think it will look ok with them.

I used a weekly spread.weekly planner mon - tuesweekly planner wed - sun

Please feel free to right click on them and save for your own use.

I did use someone else blog planner. A Well Crafted Blog had a really useful and colorful one that I just loved. She had inserts for almost anything you could think of.

The following is copied from her page. I just want you to see all that she has created.

There are over 50 different downloads to help you build your ideal planner, including:

Blog Brainstorming Worksheets:

  • Blog Resolutions
  • Focus Your Blog Worksheet
  • Post Brainstorming Worksheet
  • Year of Ideas Worksheet

Organization Tools:

  • Affiliate Program Tracker
  • Finance Tracker
  • Pitch Minder
  • Project Budget Worksheet
  • Sponsor Tracker
  • Collaboration Tracker
  • Contact Tracker
  • Stylesheet Worksheet
  • Password Tracker
  • Analytics Tracker
  • Social Media Platform Tracker
  • Monthly Income Report
  • Post Maintenance Worksheet
  • Weekly Blog Maintenance Worksheet
  • Monthly Blog Maintenance Worksheet
  • Year in Review Worksheet
  • To Do Lists

Calendar Planners:

(Note: I keep all my planners without dates listed on them so that they can be used at anytime. I always hated it when I had some bad months and didn’t use a dated planner and then had to simply throw it out when I hit a new year!)

  • Month at a Glance Planner  (List)
  • Monthly Blog Post Planner (Calendar View)
  • Weekly Blog Planner (7 Days)
  • Three Posts Weekly Planner (3 Days)
  • Three Posts Daily Planner (For those over-achievers out there or large blogs out there)
  • Two Posts Weekly Planner (2 Days)
  • Two Posts Daily Planner
  • Single Post Planner
  • Social Media Planner
  • Monthly Instagram Planner- NEW!
  • Monthly Facebook Planner – NEW!
  • Post Promotion Planner – NEW!


  • 2018 Blog Planner Cover
  • Plan the Work, Work the Plan
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Social Media Cover
  • Important Info Cover
  • January 2018
  • February 2018
  • March 2018
  • April 2018
  • May 2018
  • June 2018
  • July 2018
  • August 2018
  • September 2018
  • October 2018
  • November 2018
  • December 2018

That is a long list and I printed out 6 months worth of the majority of the pages to use. I confess I haven’t used any of them yet because well…I haven’t been motivated too.

Oh, by the way, the ARC discbound system is interchangeable with the Levenger and Me and My Big Ideas. There may be others but this is just from what I have heard.

One final project

Although this is an ongoing project I am going to include it here. I made motivational quotes to go with my planner so I decided to use them for my mugs and more products. I uploaded 19 products in all. This took me about three days.

My Zazzle store is starting to take shape and I like it. Sometimes I wonder if it should be part of my business but then I think…They are motivational quotes, maybe they will help somebody.

I haven’t posted any of the latest product to my blog and I don’t think I will. I have the past ones hidden and I don’t want my blog to be all about my products. At least not these, if that makes any sense.

One final thought

If I can get my motivation in check I will try to get back on track with the Niche post that I want to create. I want to try and get one a week done until the strategy is complete. If you’re new to my site and not sure what I mean the post is here.

I think I have held your attention long enough 🙂

Until next time…

Hi! My name is Charity and I am the owner of Sympliq Designs.I am here to assist men and women with mental illness to overcome their struggle with Mental Illness and develop an online business through blogging. I am hoping that by sharing my struggles and whatever tips and strategies I find will help. I look forward to overcoming this struggle with you!

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