Niche Ideas that you can sink your teeth into

Niche Ideas that you can sink your teeth into.

Niche Beginnings.

Where to begin, well the beginning. For a blog or online business that would be the niche that you hear everyone talking about. What is it? The definition is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

I didn’t know this but it is also “a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment”. Hmmm, learn something new every day.

I have scoured (ok maybe not scoured but I did look 🙂 the internet finding niche ideas to help you out. If it is as confusing to you as it was/is me (still not sure I am in the right niche but for now…) hopefully the list will add some food for thought.

Niche In Action

Ideally finding a niche that is something you are passionate or interested in will keep the content ideas flowing. Plus the content will be clearer and consistent. Don’t choose something just because it is profitable. You would then be beating the horse to find things to write about.

Choose a niche that has a few components to it. So that you are not limiting yourself to just talking about one thing. You will run out of content ideas if that is the case. If you choose a topic with say 3-5 subtopics then you will have plenty more to say. It will also expand your audience to include all of the subtopics which means more traffic flow, added bonus.

Niche Lists

Below I have two lists. One with business ideas but they can also be turned into blog niches and the second list is blog niche ideas. Take a look and see if you don’t find something that sparks your interest. I know I found 2-3 for me. Maybe for my second blog…hmmm.

51 Business Ideas from Fizzle

*These could also be turned into Blogs.

1. Podcaster
2. Blogger
3. Etsy/eBay Seller
4. Photographer
5. Wedding Photographer
6. Video Producer/Creator
7. Freelance Writer/Content Creator
8. Personal Chef
9. Freelance Designer
10. Photography Instructor
11. CopyWriter
12. Online Course Creator
13. Software as a Service
14. Curated Resource Seller
15. Web Conversion Specialist
16. Selling with Amazon FBA
17. Personal Trainer
18. App Developer
19. Researcher
20. WordPress Plugin Maker
21. Freelance Animator
22. Social Media Consultant
23. Youtube Video Creator
24. Affiliate Marketer
25. Exam Prep Educator
26. Small Business Coach
27. Launch Consultant
28. Life Coach
29. Facebook Ads Consultant
30. eBook Creator
31. Productivity Consulting
32. SEO Consultant
33. Coloring Book/Poster Maker
34. Website Flipper
35. Event Planner
36. Tour Guide
37. Art Teacher
38. Public Speaker
39. Personal/Virtual Assistant
40. Ghostwriter
41. Digital Scrapbook Instructor
42. Food Product Creator
43. Personal Care/Beauty Product
44. Health and Wellness Support
45. Apparel Producer
46. Career Coach
47. Property Investment Services
48. Marketing Consultant
49. Freelance Software Engineer
50. Reviewer Business
51. Online Music Instructor

100 Blog Niche Ideas by Telecolumnist

1. Mobile Review
2. Book review
3. Blogging
4. How to Blog
5. SEO
6. Breaking News
7. Silicon Valley
8. Technology
9. How To
10. Politics
11. Spirituality
12. Philosophy
13. Religion
14. Culture
15. Travel
16. Business
17. Finance
18. Celebrity Gossip
19. Medicine and cure
20. Journalism
21. Web Designing
22. E-Learning
23. Programming
24. Cooking
25. Sports
26. Education
27. Photography
28. Creativity and Arts
29. Music
30. Dancing
31. Fashion
32. Parenting
33. History
34. Space Research
35. Electronic Gadgets
36. Website Review
37. Parenting
38. Love
39. Psychology
40. Personal Diary
41. Real Estate
42. Bidding
43. Discount Coupons
44. Jokes and Comedy
45. Freeware and Apps
46. Mobile Apps Review
47. Television Program Review
48. Funny Videos and Pics
49. Enlist
50. Search Engine Marketing
51. Interview
52. Company Reviews
53. Latest Web News
54. Compare Blog
55. Gossip
56. Human Resource Management
57. Offline Marketing
58. Telecom
59. Aeronautics
60. Physics, Chemistry or Maths
61. Irrigation Blog
62. Animal Husbandry
63. Health and Fitness
64. Communication Skills
65. Personal Development
66. Self Defense
67. Cyber Crime and Laws
68. Ethical Hacking
69. Video Games
70. Gardening
71. Self-Employment
72. Writing Skills
73. Musical Instruments
74. Automobile Maintenance
75. Car and Motor bike Reviews
76. How to Learn A Language
77. Quiz
78. Entertainment
79. Movie Review
80. About Search Engines like Google- How Search Works and things like that
81. Hypothetical
82. About MS Office Application like Excel
83. Story writing tips and Ideas
84. Finance
85. Money making tips
86. Songs and Lyrics
87. Home Decoration and Furnishing
88. Shopping
89. Controversy
90. Stock Market
91. Tips and tricks
92. Ask
93. Conference writeups
94. Contest and Poll
95. Career tips
96. Social media Marketing
97. Colleges and Further Studies- Reviews tips and tricks
98. About WordPress Plugins
99. Themes for WordPress
100. Wedding

These lists are definitely not the end all to niches, just the beginning. If you think it; it can become a blog and an online business. You just need to find that one thing you are interested in right now (can always change it later, the blog is not set in stone) and blog about it.

Niche I had

I wish I would have seen this list prior to finding my own; although self-employment is on there it would have been nice to see my options that I am also passionate about that I didn’t think of at the time.

Print this out and cross off what doesn’t fit you and then research what is left. You might just surprise yourself with what interests you.

Over the next 4 weeks, I will be blogging about how I initially found my niche. It will help to make the choice more obtainable I think. If this list didn’t help then the niche strategy should.

Until next time…

Hi! My name is Charity and I am the owner of Sympliq Designs.I am here to assist men and women with mental illness to overcome their struggle with Mental Illness and develop an online business through blogging. I am hoping that by sharing my struggles and whatever tips and strategies I find will help. I look forward to overcoming this struggle with you!

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