18 Motivational Tips for Mental Health

18 Motivational Tips for Mental Health

Motivational Tips List is what I am going to share with you today. I come across the list because I have been having a really hard time at staying motivated which if you have read prior posts you will notice it is a common problem with me.

I asked a Facebook Group (though not a mental health group) that I am in what they do in order to stay motivated and I got many replies. A couple I already do and some I never thought of. Some are going to be very hard to incorporate being I already have no motivation but I am will to try anything to get past this. I want this online business to work!

Motivation List

  • Don’t make it optional! Make a daily to-do list that you must complete. You can go back to bed after you finish the list.
  • Schedule work hours.
  • Get up and get ready for the day as if you are going to work outside of the home.
  • Use scents in your home (diffusing oils, candles, etc), use positive and uplifting ones.
  • Make your office/workspace bright and airy and somewhere you really enjoy to work.
  • Follow motivational blogs that are uplifting.
  • Join groups of people where you can work together and keep one another accountable to deadlines and getting things accomplished. I found an accountability partner, hope it will help.
  • Define your “why.” Why is it important to you to create this blog? When you know why, staying motivated is easier.
  • Create a vision board (use Pinterest).
  • Meditate and find your balance.
  • Get out of the house and go to a bookstore, coffee shop, library, or somewhere like that and just brainstorm topics to write about. Take notes. Etc. Staying home makes the bed too accessible. Leave the house and you’ll find yourself being a lot more productive.
  • The hardcore reason is to just do it anyway. Succesful people don’t stay in bed, they get up and work.
  • Baby steps until you get a good pattern going.
  • Try working in bed. Not sure this would work for me but worth a shot.
  • You do it for you because you deserve it. Have faith in yourself you can do it.
  • Another hardcore reason is you have a choice of what you want to do or not do. It’s all up to you. You need to tell yourself; I can do this, I am better than this disease, I WILL NOT let it win…
  • Think about your day job if you have one and quitting to work on your business.
  • Just start working for 5 or 10 minutes and you will more than likely work for 30 or more.

Hardcore Motivational Tips

I find the hardcore motivation to work very little but sometimes just a kick in the pants will work. Normally when I am having an ok day then it will work because I am not fighting the mental illness that bad that day. Not to be judgemental but a lot of people that recommends the hardcore motivation tips don’t understand how mental illness works, but that is ok. They truly mean well.

Motivational Tips that I Use

I have used the motivational tips to work for 5 or 10 minutes and then go on for hours. Those days are great. Also, try to think of the reasons why I want this business and the main one is I can’t work a day job (mental illness not conducive to being reliable daily). I really want something that will work around my illness. Don’t want this disease to rule me but sometimes it does. The plan is to use more of these tips and see how they work out.

This is not one size fits all. Test them out and see which ones will work for you. As I plan on doing. Something will help us get through the motivational blocks that we have. If you have a bad day don’t kick yourself and the butt and blow of an entire week with guilt. Get back on track and do just 5 minutes or go have a Starbucks coffee while researching or writing a blog post.

We can do this, one day at a time.

Until next time…

Hi! My name is Charity and I am the owner of Sympliq Designs.I am here to assist men and women with mental illness to overcome their struggle with Mental Illness and develop an online business through blogging. I am hoping that by sharing my struggles and whatever tips and strategies I find will help. I look forward to overcoming this struggle with you!

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