Expectations and stress, prepare for the long haul

Expectations and stress, prepare for the long haul

Hello there! It’s another fine day at Sympliq Designs. Haven’t got as much done as I would have liked but at least I am making a little bit of progress. I have still been battling the motivation demon. I have read blogs, got one digital print done and finished my first freebie this past week, but that is all. Yes, it is a tad bit frustrating that I haven’t accomplished much but it is farther than I was the week before.

I listened to Fizzles episode 24 and it helped ease my frustrations some. They are basically saying that so long as you work your business it is better than not. Expectations great a lot of frustration and even can kill your business. I am trying to be realistic that it will take a year or more before I start getting anywhere with my creative business. I certainly won’t complain if it happens before then. I would love to see some money rolling in in the next month or two.

They also mentioned that stress can cause lack of motivation and determination. That I didn’t know although it shouldn’t surprise me any. I can totally relate to being stressed out right now. So it’s nice to know that it is not just me being lazy but sometimes it does make me wonder. I don’t feel like I am a lazy person. I get done what I normally need to get done, well other than working on this business. I do procrastinate a lot or just put off what I need to be doing.

They also mentioned that running a business is like being on a roller coaster. There are so many ups and down. One day you will feel like you are on top of the world and can accomplish anything and the next the doubts creep in like what do you think you are doing. This is bad enough for a normal person but couple it with mental illness it can wreak havoc on your depression.

To help combat some of the stress I set up a calendar and tasks list so I am hoping that will help. I am thinking that if I set up a schedule like I am working outside the home it will hold me more accountable. That is certainly something I need. Right now I have no one pressuring me to get the work done and no reason too. Well, other than to be successful and make money but like I mentioned in a previous post, money is not a motivating factor for me so I have to find something else.

Speaking of a calendar and task list, if you know of a good one shoot me a comment. I am only using googles and I am almost certain there is a better one out there. I like the integration of google but they don’t have a task app so it makes it a little disconnecting. I would like to find a calendar and task list that work together. I went through a few like and Todoist and some other but I just don’t like how they function.

I have 3 hours of creating ahead of me today. I will be working on digital prints and Project Life (I will expand more on that in the near future) journal cards. I have decided that being so many planners are free that other than a Christmas planner I won’t be making them. The market for those is just so over saturated with freebies. I feel like digital prints are right there on the edge and you can get some for free but I think depending on how they look I could still make money from them. The journal cards are a hot item right now so I think I will be on good ground with those.

I hope you have been making good progress in your business. There is just so much information to learn when trying to run a business that it can be overwhelming. I have learned that I shouldn’t expect much from this point being I am still a newbie. What I can expect is in say five years I may then call myself an expert. I think I can live with that. Guess I will have too, no choice lol.

So what have we learned today? That it takes time to get a business running successfully. If you’re lucky it may take off sooner but most of the time it will take a couple of years. Learned that stress has an impact on motivation and determination. So if possible, eliminate some of your stress. Easier said than done I know. I have to work on it hard myself. Lastly, take it one step at a time. A little progress is better than no progress.

So keep your chin up and keep plugging along.

Until next time….

Hi! My name is Charity and I am the owner of Sympliq Designs.I am here to assist men and women with mental illness to overcome their struggle with Mental Illness and develop an online business through blogging. I am hoping that by sharing my struggles and whatever tips and strategies I find will help. I look forward to overcoming this struggle with you!