Business Ideas - Confusion and Decision
November 19, 2017
Business Ideas – Confusion and Decision
October 20, 2017
Motivation…NOT…Where are you, I need to work!
Expectations and stress, prepare for the long haul
October 10, 2017
Expectations and stress, prepare for the long…
What a week...doubts shall not win!
October 2, 2017
What a week…doubts shall not win!
Getting Sh*t Done!
September 23, 2017
Getting sh*t done!
Where did my mojo go_
September 20, 2017
Where did my mojo go?
Day not going according to plan...
September 18, 2017
Day not going according to plan…


Welcome to Sympliq Designs. Where my goal is to encourage, motivate, and inspire despite having a mental illness while developing an online business through blogging. I struggle daily with Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, ADHD and a few others. It has been a struggle each day to work towards my business goals but I do have them.

Over the course of time, I would love to develop mini eCourses about blogging and mental tricks to overcome illness struggles. I had started my Masters in Instructional Designer about 7 years ago and had to quit because of my mental illness. I am excited that the path I have laid out for myself includes Instructional Design with eCourses.

My other goal is for my readers. Knowing that you are not alone in your struggle with mental illness and still being able to run an online business. Gaining some hopefully helpful tips and tricks along the way. Join me as we both navigate our way to a new found freedom through online business and blogging.

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Business not getting done lately_ Mine either.

Business not getting done lately? Mine either.

I made it here. It has been 3-4 weeks since my last blog post but let me tell you why. MOTIVATION I had none!! I won’t say I haven’t gotten anything done because that would be a lie but just not with my business. What I did do The WordPress theme that I had was…

Niche Ideas that you can sink your teeth into

Niche Ideas that you can sink your teeth into.

Niche Beginnings. Where to begin, well the beginning. For a blog or online business that would be the niche that you hear everyone talking about. What is it? The definition is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. I didn’t know this but it is also “a comfortable…

18 Motivational Tips for Mental Health

18 Motivational Tips for Mental Health

Motivational Tips List is what I am going to share with you today. I come across the list because I have been having a really hard time at staying motivated which if you have read prior posts you will notice it is a common problem with me. I asked a Facebook Group (though not a mental health group)…


Mommys 1st Christmas Coffee Mug from my Zazzle Store

Mommys 1st Christmas Coffee Mug comes in 4 styles: mommys, daddys, grandmas, and grandpas. Commemorates the newborn baby to the family. Would make a great Christmas present this year. Mommys 1st Christmas 2017 by sympliq_designs You can get yours here. Enjoy!


Let It Snow Coffee Mug from my Zazzle Store

Let It Snow coffee mug was just one of the products that I have been working on. I was a busy beaver yesterday making products for my Zazzle Store. I hope you enjoy it.   Let It Snow with Snowflakes Coffee Mug by sympliq_designs You can order it here. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!